Your projects, your money.
Taskzilla helps you stay in control of both.

Designed for both clients and freelancers, Taskzilla is the first project-management software with built-in payments.
Assign tasks and control fulfillment
Use our intuitive system to track everything related to your project.
Never pay until the task is done
Automatically send payments only when you approve of the work.
No more bills or manual payments.
Control your project budget
Set budget limitations that our software shouldn't exceed.
Find proven freelancers
Get recommendations for freelancers based on their proven track records.
Maximize chances of project success
Let proven freelancers jump into your task and complete it when your current team member can't.

Always meet deadlines
Use our intuitive system to manage tasks and get automatic reminders for deadlines.
Get paid on time
Instantly receive payments when your work is accepted by the client.
No more bills or delays.
Get your money into your bank account within 24 hours
Any amount. Any time. No commission.
You or the client just covers 2.5% of the payment for processing (lower than PayPal).
Get hired for new tasks
We’ll notify you when someone posts a task within your area of expertise and fee.
Join a club of privileged freelancers
Show the world your work ethic.
Your accepted work is all that matters—not the test results.
Join our community now and become an "explorer user."
Help us improve and get a free premium membership—for life!
(+ tons of perks and respect)
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